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3 Reasons to Use Storage During a Home Remodel

Storage During Home Remodel
Remodeling is both a dream as well as a nightmare. The remodeling process is messy and requires you to move items around in your home and be as flexible as possible.
A storage unit can add some sanity to the remodeling process. It will provide you with a place to put items you need to relocate in your home and ensure the rest of your home doesn't become a cluttered mess during the remodeling process. Read on to learn how a storage unit helps during renovations.

1. Stores Items from the Remodeled Room

To start with, all the items that fill up the room you are remodeling are going to need to go somewhere. If you are remodeling a small room, like a bathroom, you may only have a few boxes worth of items you need to store. In that case, you can rent a really small storage unit for your belongings.

However, if you are remodeling your kitchen or your family room, you are going to have a lot of items to pack up and get out of the way before the remodeling process can even begin. Rent a storage space large enough for all the items and furniture from the remodeled space.
Once you pack up and move all personal items and furniture out of the remodeling zone, your contractors will have as much space as possible to work with. Storage will also protect your belongings from being damaged during the construction process.

2. Frees Up Pathways in Your Home

When you remodel a room or section of your home, you need to move furniture and items not just from the room itself but from the pathways leading to the work zone as well.
The construction team you hire will have to haul equipment in and out of your house for the construction process. For example, they may need to bring in ladders, work tables, shop vacuums, and table saws. These are just a few examples of equipment they may need to haul in and out of your home.
The construction team will need a clear pathway from an exterior door to the remodeling zone. For example, if they have to walk through your living room and down the hallway to get to the bathroom, you want that entire space to be clear of furniture and personal effects.
If you move items out of hallways and pathways, your construction workers will be able to do their jobs with less of a hassle. Clear pathways also ensure that your personal belongings don't get damaged during the construction process.

3. Provides a Place for Remodeling Supplies

Finally, home remodels require a lot of supplies. For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen, you may need to purchase kitchen cabinets, tile, and appliances for your new space.
If you purchase those items over time or have them shipped to your home in advance, you need somewhere to store them. When you rent a storage unit, you can dedicate an easily accessed portion of your storage unit to the renovation supplies. That way, you don't have to fill up your garage or your living room with the new kitchen cabinets or with the new bathtub and toilet for your bathroom.
You can use a storage unit to store personal items and furniture from the rooms that will be remodeled as well as the pathways the construction workers will need to use to bring in equipment and supplies. You can also use a storage unit as a staging space for the supplies needed for your remodel.
Call our team at Brownsburg Self Storage Locker Inc. today. We can help you determine what size storage unit you need for your remodeling project and can even provide you with a free truck rental to help you transport your belongings to storage before you begin your remodel.