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Can Minimalism Be Compatible With Renting a Storage Space?

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Minimalism is the the idea of living with less. If you're a minimalist, you keep only the things you need and don't buy or hold onto things you don't need. If you consider yourself a minimalist or are aspiring to be one, your gut reaction might be that you should never rent a storage unit. After all, if you have enough things to warrant renting a storage unit, you're not really a minimalist, right?
Well, not necessarily. As it turns out, minimalism and storage units are not as incompatible as they might seem. In fact, you can use a storage unit to your advantage as a minimalist. Read on for a closer look at the compatibility of minimalism and storage units, along with some tips for using a storage unit without returning to consumerist ways.
How Can Minimalism and Self-Storage Be Compatible?
To understand where these habits intersect, you must first understand that minimalism is not really about the number of things you own. You may have seen videos of people living with 100 things or less or of homes with little to no furniture. Although these are pictures of minimalism in action, they are only a part of the picture.
Minimalism focuses on eliminating the excess, and everyone has a different amount of excess. If eliminating your excess still leaves you with too many items to fit in your home comfortably, then that doesn't mean you're not a minimalist. It just means that your minimum is higher than others'.
How Can You Use Storage Properly as a Minimalist?
If you're feeling driven to rent a storage unit, but you don't want to backslide from your minimalist ways, the main thing you'll need to focus on is only storing items you truly need. Storing items just in case is the complete opposite of the minimalist ideal - you'll just end up with a storage unit full of things you don't touch for another 10 years. Here are a few tips to help you use discretion in deciding what to store.
Get Rid of Duplicates
If you have 10 sets of bed sheets you want to put into storage so you don't have to buy new sheets when your current ones wear out, consider cutting down your collection. Only store the one or two sets you like most and donate the rest. The same goes for appliances and any other items you plan on storing. While storing one extra fridge may be practical, nobody needs to store two or three!
Store Off-Season Items
A storage unit can actually help keep your home looking simple and minimal if you use it to store your off-season items. Pare your seasonal decorations and clothing down to the minimum, and then put the items you do keep in storage until you need them. You can make seasonal visits to the storage unit to change out items so you never have too much in your home.
Get Rid of Items That You've Outgrown
Minimalism is just as much about removing emotional clutter as it is about removing physical clutter. As such, you should not store items that you have outgrown or moved on from as a person, especially if they have negative memories attached to them. Clothing that no longer fits, gifts from exes, and decor that was outdated as of 1990 has no place in the minimalist's storage unit.
Go Through Your Stored Items Periodically
Right now, you may feel that storing that extra fridge or wool sweater is important. But your life situation may change in the coming years, making those items unnecessary. As such, make sure you go through your storage unit every 6 to 12 months, and get rid of items you no longer need. This will help keep your stored items in line with your minimalist ideals.
Renting a storage unit does not have to mean giving up your dedication to minimalism. As long as you use discretion in what you store, minimalism and storage can be quite compatible. Contact Brownsburg Self Storage Locker Inc. if you're looking for a storage solution in the Hendricks County, Avon, or Plainfield area.