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Tips for the First Week of Renting a Storage Unit

Single Storage Unit
Renting a storage unit is an ideal way to temporarily store items or to free up space in your home. One the busiest times with your unit will likely be during the first week of use. During the first week, you become acquainted to the unit, move things in, and learn how to properly use the unit.
Instead of going into the storage unit process blindly, learn some tips to make the most of your unit and avoid any mistakes.

Rent a Truck

If you have many items to put in storage, the last thing you want to deal with is making multiple trips to and from the storage unit. Make things easier, save gas money, and rent a truck. Some storage rental companies offer free or discounted truck rentals, and by taking advantage of the service, you will save a lot of time in transportation time and in loading and unloading time.
A truck rental has plenty of space and room to transport items and is ideal for moving furniture and other large items into storage. You do not need to worry about forcing your furniture into small spaces or taking the time to attach them to the top of a vehicle. Everything loads easily into the back of a truck.

Learn the Locks

You may not visit your storage unit frequently, so it's important to understand the security available on your unit. Some of the most secure storage units use cylinder locks to keep the units shut. These locks are extremely hard to break into and often extend all the way through the door to help prevent anyone from forcing themselves into your unit.
During the first couple of days of renting a storage unit, learn the best way to secure your particular unit, the methods for unlocking your door, and the easiest ways to lift the unit door and get inside. Becoming familiar with the locks and access process will help you know your items are safe, even when you cannot visit the storage unit as frequently as you would like, and will help if you need to visit the storage unit during hours when an employee may not be available.

Read the Storage Unit Policies

Every storage unit company has different policies for their renters. Learning about these policies will help ensure you use your unit properly and follow all the rules. For example, some rules may include items that are forbidden from being stored in the units, such as paint cans or fireworks.
Access policies are also important to be familiar with. These policies include the hours you can visit your unit and how many vehicles you're allowed to bring to your unit at one time. The rules will usually come with your initial papers so make sure you read over them carefully.

Get Organized

The worst thing you could do with your storage unit is shove items in there as quickly as possible with no organizational plans. Shoving items in is a quick way to waste space, possibly damage your items, and not make the most out of your storage unit.
Get organized within the first week of renting to set yourself up for success in future weeks. For example, boxes may be cheaper, but plastic totes offer more protection for items and are easier to stack without creating any damage. Consider bringing in shelves or tables to use for organizing small items like tools and clothes. Some items may go under the tables while others go above it.
Organizers with drawers offer ways to access items easily by pulling out the drawers instead of pulling items off and taking off the lids. Take your time to organize and make the most of your storage space.
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